Seven Gods of Fortune Antique Button Bracelet

Proveedor Elizabeth Ngo

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Seven Gods of Fortune Antique Button Bracelet

A beautiful and rare piece of art.

Composed of Sterling Silver and seven Toshikane Art rare porcelain buttons, exquisite creations crafted by the renowned Japanese company Toshikane, based in Arita, Japan. These buttons showcase the company's exceptional artistry and attention to detail. Each button is a miniature work of art, intricately hand-painted with a vibrant array of colors.

The Seven Gods of Fortune, also known as Shichifukujin (七福神) in Japanese, are a group of deities from Japanese folklore and mythology, believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Each deity represents a specific aspect of fortune. The Seven Gods of Fortune are commonly depicted together.

Ebisu (恵比寿): The god of wealth, commerce, and prosperous business. Ebisu is often portrayed with a fishing rod and a red sea bream.
Daikokuten (大黒天): The god of wealth, commerce, and prosperity. Daikokuten is typically depicted with a magical mallet and a bag of treasures.
Benzaiten (弁才天): The goddess of knowledge, art, and beauty. She is often associated with music and is depicted playing a biwa, a traditional Japanese lute.
Hotei (布袋): The god of happiness, contentment, and abundance. Hotei is recognized by his large belly and cheerful countenance.
Jurojin (寿老人): The god of longevity and old age. Jurojin is often accompanied by a deer, a symbol of a long life.
Fukurokuju (福禄寿): The god of wisdom, happiness, and longevity. Fukurokuju is characterized by his long forehead and is often accompanied by a turtle and a crane.
Bishamonten (毘沙門天): The god of warriors, protector of Buddhism, and bringer of good fortune. Bishamonten is depicted as a fierce warrior.