Hummingbird Picaflor Earrings in Ultra Violet


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Sweet, vibrant, joyful. Our Picaflor Earrings in Ultra Violet embrace the essence of the magical hummingbird. With beautiful detailing and hand-colored with exhilarating hues of oxidized Niobium, the rare and precious signature metal of Holly Yashi. 

Niobium, named for the goddess Niobe, is the beautiful Holly Yashi signature metal. A rare and precious metal that is both extremely strong and lightweight, Niobium possesses a chameleon-like capacity to retain a wide range of vibrant hues. When submersed in a salt-water bath that is charged with an electric current, the niobium oxidizes. The radiant colors unique to the Holly Yashi designs are the metal’s own permanent oxide—not dye or paint—and they will never rub off the jewelry. 

  • 1 1/4" l. x 3/4" w.
  • Niobium
  • Sterling silver ear wires